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Peacock nakshi necklace and Lakshmi haram

peacock necklace and lakshmi haram

22k gold antique peacock nakshi necklace and Lakshmi haram by Amarsons Pearls & jewels.

Antique gold peacock nakshi necklace

peacock lakshmi necklace

22k gold antique peacock nakshi necklace with lakshmi pendant by Amarsons Pearls & jewels.

Floral polki navrathan necklace

polki navrathan necklace

22k gold floral necklace adorned with polki diamonds, carved navrathan gemstones and pearls by Amarsons pearls & Jewels.

Emerald beads and polki choker

polki choker (16)

22k gold choker adorned with polki diamonds, diamonds, emeralds and pearls by Amarsons Pearls & jewels.

Polki diamond necklace

polki diamond necklace (14)

22k gold polki emerald necklace by Aashirwaad Gems & jewels.

Emerald polki necklace

polki diamond necklace (15)

18k gold necklace studded with emeralds, polkis and rubies by Shri paramani jewels.


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