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Antique gold nakshi polki necklace

antique gold polki necklace (1)

22k gold antique nakshi necklace adorned with polki diamonds, rubies, emeralds and pearls by Aabushan jewellers.

Emerald beads haram with Ram Parivar pendant

emerald beads haram with ram parivar pendant

Three line emerald beads haram with Ram Parivar pendant studded with diamonds by Sri Krishna Diamonds & Jewellery.

Ruby beads long necklace with diamond peacock pendant

red beads haram with kundan pendant

Multi strand ruby beads long necklace with 18k gold diamond peacock pendant by Sri Krishna Diamonds & Jewellery.

Kundan guttapusalu haram

kundan guttapusalu necklace (5)

22k gold antique kundan guttapusalu haram adorned with rubies, emeralds, uncut diamonds and pearls by Aabushan Jewellers.

Antique gold peacock nakshi haram

antique gold peacock nakshi haram (2)

22k gold antique peacock nakshi haram studded with rubies, emeralds and uncut diamonds by Sri Krishna Diamonds & Jewellery.

Kasu haram and chandbalis set

gold haram and erarings set

22k gold antique kasu haram with peacock nakshi pendant paired with matching chandbalis by Aabushan Jewellery.


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