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Emerald and Uncut Diamond Necklace

emerald and uncut diamond necklace

22 Carat gold necklace studded with emeralds and uncut diamonds.

Uncut Diamond Mini Haram

uncut diamond mini haram

22 Carat gold antique haram adorned with uncut diamonds, rubies and pearls.

Light Weight Vaddanam

light weight vaddanam

22 Carat gold light weight vaddanam adorned with cz stones and pearls by Sri Mahalaxmi Jewellers & Pearls.
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Antique Gold Jhumkas

nakshi jhumkas

22 Carat gold antique nakshi jhumkas.

Multi String Pearl and Ruby Necklaces

pearl necklace

22 Carat gold multi string pearl necklace and ruby necklace by Vummidi jewellers.

Lakshmi Uncut Diamond Vaddanam

uncut diamond lakshmi vaddanam

22 carat gold antique nakshi Lakshmi peacock vaddanam adorned with uncut diamonds, rubies, emeralds and south sea pearls by P Satyanarayan and Sons Jewellers.


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Mango Necklace and Long Haram

22 Carat gold antique mango necklace and long haram studded with rubies and emeralds by Manepally Jewellers.
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