Colorful Navaratna Jewellery Designs @ Amrapali Exhibition

gold navaratna choker

                      Stunning Navaratna choker and Navaratna guttapusalu necklace

navaratna stones necklace
Navaratna choker studded with huge gems.
navaratna stones necklace

                                      Simple Navaratna choker and long chain

Navaratna means nine gems.

Nine Gems Include:
Ruby for Surya (Sun),
Pearl for Chandra (Moon),
Red Coral for Mangala (Mars),
Emerald for Budha (Mercury),
Yellow sapphire for Bṛhaspati (Jupiter),
Diamond for Shukra (Venus),
Blue sapphire for Shani (Saturn),
Hessonite for Rahu (the ascending node of the Moon)
Cat’s Eye for Ketu (the descending node of the Moon)

Benefits of Wearing Navaratna Jewellery:

Navaratnas are considered auspicious and believed to give the wearer Good Health, Prosperity, Happiness and Peace of Mind. It wards off negative energies or malefic effects of Planets and strengthens the positive influences of the gems. Navaratna Ornaments can be worn by anyone and does not have any negative effects. It suits everyone irrespective of Zodiac and can be worn even without the recommendation from an Astrologer. Navaratna Jewelry should be made preferably of gold or silver. It is believed that such an Ornament acts as a protective shied against various diseases and danger. When only one astrological gemstone is worn, it tends to focus only on a particular planet or a specific problem. But when navratnas are worn it brings the benefits of all the nine planetary gemstones simultaneously.