“Yedu Varala Nagalu” or Seven Week Ornaments

In the ancient time the rulers wore jewellery as per days of the week in order to attract positivity as per planetary influences, to avoid negative influences and to be strong, healthy and wealthy. Yedu Varala Nagalu means the jewellery worn by men or women for each day of the week. Yedu means seven, Varalu means days -like Sunday Monday etc. and Nagalu means Jewellery. This old tradition is still followed by few people.

7 varala nagalu
Here’s the list of Yedu Varala Nagalu or Seven Week Ornaments:

Sunday: Sunday belongs to the Sun God and relates to the spirit. So preferable stone on Sundays is the Ruby.

yedu varala nagalu

Monday: Monday belongs to the Moon God so Pearl jewellery is preferred the most on Mondays.

pearl choker diamond pendant

Tuesday: Tuesday is the day for Kuja (Mangal) and it relates to power as it is the most powerful day for Kuja. Coral chains (pagadam) & rings are preferred the most on Tuesdays.

yedu vaarala nagalu

Wednesday: Wednesday belongs to Lord Budha god and relates to your senses. The stone preferred on Wednesdays is the emerald stone (Pachalu).

emerald drop earrings

Thursday: Thursday is the day for Bruhaspati and it relates to knowledge. On this day Yellow Sapphire or Pushyaragam jewellery is the most preferred.

Seven Week Ornaments

Friday: Friday is the day of fertility and for this day, Diamond jewellery is the most preferred.

diamond emerald jhumkis


Saturday: Saturday belongs to Lord Shani and the preferred gemstone is Blue Sapphire or Neelamani.

Seven Week Ornaments

All these ornaments combined are called Seven Week Ornaments or Yedu Varala Nagalu. You can wear any type of jewellery piece like earrings,rings, necklaces, bangles etc made from the type of gemstone or stones of that day.


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