Black Thread Necklaces with Diamond Pendants

Black thread necklaces with diamond pendants adorned with diamonds, rubies, emeralds and south sea pearls.

Black Thread Kundan Mango Necklace

Black thread kundan mango necklace adorned with kundans and emerald beads.

Black Thread Peacock Kasu Necklace

Black dori necklace adorned with peacock kasu motifs and pendant studded with uncut diamonds, ruby, emerald and south sea pearls. For price and weight inquiries contact: SRJ Fine Jewelry Columbus, Ohio Phone – +16144957496 India – 04040203397 Email – [email protected]

Black Dori Puligoru Necklace

Black dori necklace adorned with peacock puligoru motifs.

Black Dori Necklace with Changeable Pendants

Black dori necklace with interchangeable gold pendants studded with precious stones. For inquiries contact on Whatsapp: +91 97 00 009000 or Email: [email protected]

Black Dori Necklace with Polki Pendant

Black thread necklace adorned with nakshi peacock motifs and antique pendant studded with polki diamonds, rubies, emerald and south sea pearls.

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