Diamond Emerald Bangles Set

Dazzling bangles set studded with diamonds and emeralds by Tibarumal Gems and Jewels. The central bangle is broad and unique with two identical side bangles.

Diamond Baby Bangles

Cute baby bangles in 18 carat gold, open ends with knobs at the ends inlaid with cluster of baby diamonds. Weight 13 Grams

Kirtilals Diamond Bangles

18 carat gold stylish diamond bangles collection from Kirtilals.

Diamond Bangle’s Collection by Vummidi Jewellers

Weight: 72 Grams Price: approx ₹1,067,487 2. Weight: 51 Grams Price: approx ₹1,092,426 3. Weight: 39 Grams Price: approx ₹1,160,355 4. Weight: 54 Grams Price: approx ₹975,710 5. Weight: 43 Grams Price: approx ₹439,603

Elegant Ruby Diamond Bangles

Gorgeous pair of 18 carat gold sleek and stylish bangles studded with rubies and diamonds in floral pattern. Weight: 45 grams Price: Approx Rs. 5,70,000

Diamond Bangles Collection

18 carat gold diamond bangles collection from Kothari's Jewellery.

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