Polki and Emeralds Necklace

emerald and polki necklace
22 carat gold necklace studded with polki stones, emerald beads and south sea pearls by Talwar jewellers.

Diamond and emerald necklace sets by Mangatrai Pearls And Jewellers

diamond emerald jewellery set by mangatrai (4)
18k gold bridal diamond necklace sets adorned with diamonds and emeralds by Mangatrai Pearls And Jewellers, Jubilee Hills at 36.

Emerald beads choker with uncut diamond pendant

emerald beads necklace (4)
Multi strand emerald beads choker with 22k gold pendant studded with uncut diamonds and diamonds by Amarsons pearls & jewels.

Emerald Beads Necklace with Uncut Diamond Pendnat

Double row emerald beads necklace with uncut diamond pendant, paired up with matching earrings.

Emerald beads long haram and jhumka earrings

emerald beads haram (1)
Multi strand emerald beads long haram with uncut diamond pendant and floral uncut diamond brooches paired with matching emerald bead jhumkas by Amuktha Fine Jewellery. 

Emerald beads necklace designs

multi strand emerald beads necklace designs (2)
Multi strand emerald beads necklace designs with 22k gold pendant designs studded with precious stones by Tiraa by Tibarumal Jewels.

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Kundan choker and bottu mala

22 carat gold antique kundan choker adorned with rubies, polkis and emerald beads, and long bottu mala by Amarsons pearls and jewels.