Uncut Kasulaperu Necklace

22 carat gold Lakshmi kasu necklace studded with uncut diamonds and rubies. Weight: 45 grams For inquiries contact: [email protected]

Pearls Kasu Mala

22 carat gold Lakshmi kasu mala with Goddess Lakshmi pacchi pendant adorned with pearls, uncut diamonds, rubies and emeralds.  
cz lakshmi kasulaperu haram

CZ Lakshmi Kasulaperu Haram

22 Carat gold antique Lakshmi kasulaperu haram studded with cz stones, rubies and emeralds by Omprakash Jewellers and Pearls. For inquiries whatsapp: +91 9550170099 Instagram: OmPrakash Jewellers and Pearls

Kasu Necklace With Uncut Diamond Pendant

22 carat gold antique kasulaperu necklace with uncut diamond pendant by Tibarumal Ramnivas jewellers. Phone: 040 3999 6000 , 9885308090 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TIBARUMALS/

Lakshmi Kasulaperu Haram

22 carat gold antique finish Lakshmi kasulaperu haram adorned with small gold balls and rubies. For inquiries contact on Whatsapp: +91 97 00 009000 or Email: [email protected]
ram darbar kasu haram

Ram Darbar Kasu Haram

22 carat gold antique finish Ram darbar kasu haram studded with uncut diamonds, rubies and emeralds by P Satyanarayan and Sons jewellers.

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