Kasula Peru and Gold Vaddanam

Celebrity in latest gold vaddanam, kasula peru, heavy earrings and armlet.

Traditional Kasu Mala and Beaded Haram

Beautiful Lakshmi kasula peru studded with rubies and gold balls haram studded with emeralds by Hiya Jewellers, Hyderabad.

Kasula Peru Necklace and Long Chain

Short and simple kasu necklace and kasu haram with pendant studded with rubies and emeralds, teamed up with matching jhumkas.

Kasula Peru with Lakshmi Pendant

Short necklace with pendnat studded with emeralds and kundans; Lakshmi kasula peru with pendant studded with rubies and emeralds, paired up with matching small jhumkas.

Lakshmi Kasulaperu

Lakshmi Kasulaperu with lakshmi pendant, studded with uncut diamonds and ruby.

Model in Kasu Mala

 Model showcasing temple jewellery, gold heavy necklace, kasu mala with lakshmi pendant, gold jhumkas, armlet and tikka.

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