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Designer pearls Necklace with Mango Pendant

pearls necklace with gold pendant

Multistring pearls necklace from Kirtilal’s strung with south sea pearls, gold balls and emerald beads and a unique filigree work mango pendant embossed with Goddess Lakshmi at its center and outlined by rubies and diamonds. 

Three Step Gundla Mala

simple gundla mala

Simple three stringed gundla mala with gold balls chains attached to kundan motifs on either side from Kirtilal’s Jewellers.

Kirtilal’s Latest Pachi Necklace

pachi necklace designs

Latest pachi necklace from Kirtilal’s studded with uncut diamonds, embellished with blue enamel and hanging white south sea pearls.

Antique Long Chain with Lord Krishna Pendant

ruby strings necklace with krishna pendant

Multi string haram strung with small ruby beads and gold balls and attached to Lord Krishna pendant with intricate carving from Kirtilal’s.

Floral Ruby Necklace

ruby necklace

Floral pattern ruby necklace studded with red rubies from Subham Jewellers, Hyderabad.

2.6 Grams Chic Light Weight Mangalsutra

simple short black beads chains

simple short black beads chains

Absolutely elegant and lightweight mangalsutra weighing just 2.6 grams, with minimal amount of black beads  interspersed in the gold chain. These are trendy short black beads chains and goes well with all kinds of attires lending you subtle style.
Weight: 2.6 grams
Price: Approx Rs.10,000


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