Trending Indian Choker Necklaces: Multi Strand Beads and Pearl Chokers With Pendants

“Old is gold” is the rightful saying. Everything that is once adored by fashionistas is in vogue in the recent times. One such eminent jewelry option are the Indian choker necklaces.

indian beads choker necklace designs

Beaded Indian Choker necklaces with pendants

Star heroines are being spotted at various events recently with enticing beaded Indian choker necklaces perfectly fitting the neck. If you have a penchant for trying out the trending Indian jewelry, take a look at the latest choker necklace designs that are sure to attract you!

samantha akkineni in beads choker by akoya jewels
Choker by Akoya Jewels

Fashion icon of South Indian film industry, Samantha Akkineni was clicked by paparazzi at an event recently wearing this beautiful neck piece made of emerald beads with a stunning 22 carat gold pendant by Akoya Jewels. She kept her outfit minimal with a lightweight silk saree and a sleeveless blouse. As you can see, a saree and a choker is always a perfect match. Emulate this look for a party or a function and stand out from the rest.

samantha emerald beads choker with pendant
Samantha in Akoya Jewels emerald beads choker

The best part about beaded chokers is, they are curated in various colours and designs. Emerald and ruby chokers are grabbing the attention of fashion savvy’s these days as they go best with the ethnic wear giving a regal look.

emerald beads choker necklace
Emerald beads choker by Manjula jewels

Actress Nivetha Pethuraj was recently seen in a multi stranded pink and lavender beads choker that featured polki and emerald pendant by Manjula jewels.

nivetha pethuraj beads choker with pendant
Beads choker by Manjula Jewels

beads choker with pendantYet another beautiful choker necklace from Mahalaxmi jewellers and pearls, is this ruby choker embossed with a white and green stoned pendant, which matches well with your crop tops and off shoulder blouses.

ruby beads choker With colours ranging from light pink to blood red, ruby beads choker necklaces are lightweight and this single ornament makes you all set for a festival or an event. Heavy multi-chained jewellery has become obsolete and minimalist look is the new buzz.

ruby beads choker necklace (1)
Ruby beads choker by Amarsons Pearls & jewels 

ruby beads choker

Multi strand Pearl Choker Necklace Designs

Pearls offer the pristine and vintage look, which makes them the best fit for Indian bridal outfits. Above all, multi strand pearl choker necklaces are the new women’s love as they have scintillating pendants studded with ruby, emerald stones, polki diamonds and kundans. Have a glance at the latest Indian pearl choker designs thronging the fashion world.

indian pearl choker necklace
Pearl choker by Harini Fine jewellery
indian pearl choker
Samantha in Akoya jewels choker
indian pearl choker necklace designs
Pearl choker by Amarsons pearls & jewels
indian pearl choker necklace designs
Pearl chokers by Amarsons pearls & jewels
indian pearl choker necklace designs
Pearl choker by Amarsons pearls & jewels

Multi stranded pearl chokers might look uncomfortable but aren’t. They are comfy and have precious stones embedded thus, giving a trendy look to the necklace. They go best with bridal sarees or lehengas with a bun hairstyle.

indian pearl choker necklace designs
Pearl choker by Harini Fine jewellery

indian pearl choker necklace

pearl choker with pendant
Pearl choker by Nikitha Linga

pearl choker with diamond pendant

To conclude, though Indian jewellery has varieties of options, chokers have made their mark since a year and are here to stay for long. Beaded Indian choker necklaces are the latest in the market coming in phenomenal colours and designs. Additionally, they suit all ages and body types. Hurry up! Shop for the best trending choker necklaces before it’s late.