Polki and emerald long jhumkas

uncut and emerald long jhumkas
22k gold long jhumkas made of polki diamonds, emeralds, pearls and emerald beads by Raniwala jewellers. 

Uncut diamond and emerald nakshi jhumkas

22k gold jhumki designs
22k gold two step nakshi jhumkas made of flat diamonds, diamonds, rubies and emeralds by Omprakash jewellers. 

Lakshmi polki long jhumkas

lakshmi nakshi jhumkas
22k gold antique nakshi work Lakshmi long jhumkas studded with polki diamonds by Amarsons pearls & jewels. 

Antique gold Lakshmi jhumkas

lakshmi nakshi jhumkas pmj jewels
22k gold antique Lakshmi jhumkas made of rubies, gold balls and small pearls by PMJ jewels. 

Polki diamond step jhumkas

polki diamond step jhumkas
22k gold long step jhumkas adorned with polki diamonds, pearls and green beads by Kishandas & Co. jewellers. 

Polki diamond jhumkas

polki jhumkas with pearl ear chains
22k gold polki diamond jhumkas and pearl matilu by Kishandas & Co jewellery.

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