Ruby beads necklace with polki pendant

ruby beads and polki necklace (1)
Multi strand ruby beads necklace with south sea pearl back chain and polki pendant paired with matching polki earrings by Aarni By Shravani.

Light Weight Beads Necklace Collection

Multi strand Emerald beads long necklace designs embellished with CZ floral motifs. Price - Approx Rs.28,000 Multi strand ruby beads long necklace embellished with floral motifs. Light weight pearl panchlada haar. price: Approx. Rs.70,000 For inquiries contact: Sri Balaji Jewelers, Abids Whatsapp: +91 90003 03030

Emerald beads short necklace with polki pendant

emerald beads necklace with polki pendant (1)
Four line emerald beads short necklace with polki motifs and central polki diamond pendant paired with matching earrings by Manepally Jewellery.

Multi strand emerald beads and pearls necklace

emerald beads and pearls haram
Multi strand emerald beads and pearl necklace with side pendant studded with polki diamonds and carved emerald by Aarni by Shravani.

Carved emerald beads necklace with Lakshmi pendant

Pumpkin shaped carved emerald beads necklace with Goddess Lakshmi pendant studded with rubies by Omprakash jewellers. For inquiries whatsapp: +91 9550170099

Layered emerald beads long haram

emerald beads long layered haram
Multi layered carved emerald beads long haram strung with pumpkin shaped emeralds with jade and diamond pendant at it's center by Nikitha Linga.

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