Latest Simple Pacchi Necklace Sets

Simple pacchi necklace sets studded with uncut polki, rubies and emeralds from Nitesh Agarwal Jewellery. For price and weight details contact: [email protected] Phone: +91 89 78 787483

Diamond Armlet

22 carat gold armlet studded with diamonds, emerald and south sea pearls from Premraj Shatilal Jewellers. For price and weight details contact: [email protected] Address: PREMRAJ SHANTILAL JAIN JEWELLERS Pot market opp. Bata RP road Secunderabad 

Lakshmi Diamond Vaddanam

Stunning Lakshmi diamond vaddanam studded with diamonds in mesh like pattern.

Trendy Diamond Kasu Necklace

Lakshmi Kasulaperu in latest design studded with diamonds. Designed by Aabharanam Jewellers, Hyderabad.  Contact Details: 3A,Doyen Habitat,Srinagar Colony,Hyderabad - 500073 +91 9393066066 [email protected]

Pachi Necklace

65 grams pachi work necklace studded with emeralds, by Premraj Shantilal Jain Jewellers, Secunderabad. For details contact: [email protected] ph.09700009000

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22 carat gold earrings with double peacock and temple bell design studded with rubies and beads.

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