Uncut Diamond Long Chain

Uncut diamond panchlada and jhumkas

18k gold Victorian uncut diamond panchlada paired with matching jhumkas and bangle by Shree Jewellers.

Diamond emerald and polki necklace sets by Krishna Jewellers Pearls & Gems

Layered diamond emerald and polki haram paired with matching jhumkas and bangle. Beautiful peacock haram, earrings and bangles set adorned with polkis, diamonds and emeralds. For...

Victorian polki haram

18k gold Victorian polki haram and polki emerald headpiece by PMJ Jewellery.

Victorian polki jewellery set

18k gold Victorian polki choker, long haram and maang tikka by P Satyanarayan and Sons Jewellers.

Emerald polki necklace and haram set

18k gold floral necklace, layered haram and earrings adorned with polki diamonds, diamonds, rubies and emeralds by Arts by Sia Jewellery.

Victorian polki choker and long haram

18k gold Victorian polki emerald choker and long haram by Gowri jewellery.

Polki choker and layered haram

18k gold polki choker and layered haram by Gowri jewellery.

Actress Saloni in Victorian polki jewellery

Actress Saloni in 18k gold Victorian polki jewellery by Manepally Jewellery.

Uncut diamond bridal jewelry set

22k gold uncut diamond bridal jewellery set by Manepally Jewellery.

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