Latest short black beads mangalsutra designs with prices

latest nallapusalu necklace designs

nallapusalu necklace designs latest

22k gold short black beads mangalsutra necklace with floral pendant studded with uncut diamonds and rubies. (Price: Rs. 82,000)

nallapusalu necklace designs latest

22k gold Two-line black diamond mangalsutra necklace adorned with rubies, pearls and emerald beads. (price: Rs. 1,17,000)

black diamond necklace designs (1)

Two line black diamond and beads short mangalsutra necklace with a pendant adorned with carved rubies and pearls. (Price: Rs. 94,700)


black diamond necklace designs (2)

22k gold single line short black beads mangalsutra chain with floral kundan pendant. (price: Rs. 1,05,000)

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